Millions of Cats

I saw this post on the School Library Journal website for May 5, 2009.

The post was by Elizabeth Bird and I had to pass it on.  The School Library journal reviews books, etc. for children and teens.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia had this to say:


“Millions of Cats” by Wanda Gág, 1928.

Millions of Cats is a picture book written and illustrated by Wanda Gág in 1928. The book won a Newbery Honor award in 1929, one of the few picture books to do so. Millions of Cats is the oldest American picture book still in print.[1]

The hand-lettered text tells the story of an elderly couple who realize that they are very lonely. The wife wants a cat to love, so her husband sets off in search of a beautiful one to bring home to her. After traveling far away from home, he finds a hillside covered in “…hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats…” This rhythmic phrase is repeated several other times throughout the story.

The man wants to bring home the most beautiful of all the cats, but he’s unable to decide…

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